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Scott Seskind
Selected Works (1985-1991)

Originally compiled by Yoga; now available from the artist via his official site.

"These songs were digitized off a record I made in 1985 and a cassette I made in 1991. I haven't put out any other songs but I have written some. When I wrote these songs I hadn't heard of emo or loner psych and I think I had a stronger urge to express myself than I do now. At you can hear songs and see some photos I took and a trailer for a documentary I started.

"When my record came out my wife was pregnant with my son and he turns 24 in a few weeks. My daughter just started high school and yesterday was my twenty-third anniversary. All these years I've been working with people who have been diagnosed with mental illness; now I'm working in a nursing home. I hope you still like these songs."

Scott Seskind, 2009

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