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Pat Gatti
Someone... Somewhere (1975)

Pat Gatti belongs to a now-vanished tradition of nightclub singers who actually made people feel something. Even for the most seasoned private press hunter it's kind of hard to believe records like this exist, that someone could conjure such depth of feeling in front of a bunch of drunks, night after night, year after year.

Pat Gatti exudes a sweet & generous spirit, and his skill with the acoustic guitar is beyond question. I can understand if someone finds Someone... Somewhere a bit schmaltzy. Even Gatti himself is not particularly keen on the amusingly fake applause that follows his thank you to listeners at the original album's end. (This release also includes 'I've Paid The Fiddler Too,' a bonus track from Gatti's one, impossibly rare 45.)

Someone... Somewhere remains a virtually unique example of lounge music that transcends genre conventions and has become a favorite of deep private press folk collectors worldwide.

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