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Carl Hakansson
Candles Glow (1979)

Hakansson dedicated his debut album to the memory of his wife Maria, who died in a car accident shortly before their first anniversary. This unassuming, mellow album sounds vibrates with life. There's sadness, but it couldn't be called maudlin. It has its share of hooks, and at least one track, 'Morning Bird,' rocks. As a local newspaper article covering the album at the time wrote, Hakansson didn't "make it technically fancy or musically flashy to sell more albums." He designed the record, which was pressed in an edition of 500, to have lasting value, and he succeeded. It's an album that should appeal to fans of CSNY, Ted Lucas, Nick Drake, and Michael Hurley.

We did a painstaking restoration on the original master tapes to get this to sound right. Yoga Records and Riverman Music are proud to present this small classic.

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