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Dane Sturgeon
Wild 'N' Tender (1967)

Like Kenneth Higney's Attic Demonstration, Dane Sturgeon's Wild 'N' Tender was recorded as a songwriting demo rather than a commercial release. Like Higney, it's one of a kind, legendary since the earliest days of private press record collecting. "Wild" tracks like 'The Ghost of Bardsley Road' and 'Queen Bee' drip with the garish, obsessive sexuality of a Russ Meyer movie. "Tender" songs like 'Who's Gonna Hold The Wind' reveal true tenderness. The album calls itself "folk-rock in a stone groove," but it's really early rock and roll channeled in the psychedelic era by a guy too busy getting loaded to notice how fast everything's changing -- timeless.

Three living room recordings made near the end of Sturgeon's life provide further proof of Sturgeon's sly mastery of metaphorical songwriting.

Distributed by Forced Exposure

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The Wild And Tender Dane Sturgeon
Adam Ridley, 2011
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