Bill Madison
Sunday Mornin' Hayride (1973)

"Sounding not unlike the great Drendall-Thrower circle from Michigan, Bill Madison delivers semi-electric rural s-sw and folk-blues music in the best 'Americana' tradition -- not psychedelic or very much 'rock' at all, but simply good music from an almost unknown artist." -From Patrick the Lama's 10 Best Reissues of 2009

"A little-known gem out of New Hampshire, this terrific acid cowboy in the wild west outlaw private pressing simply reeks of a rural America that probably doesn't exist anymore, and I imagine there wasn't much left of it back in the early 70s either, but Bill Madison delivers such a solid songbook that you'll be excused if you find yourself believing you've been taken on a ride in a time machine... Has that hard to define aura... makes you feel like you're allowed a glimpse into a secret room behind the bookshelf, where a band is forever captured in playing mode - all mystical musical magical hour all day & night long." -Jens Unosson, Farm Faves

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