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Lead Me Home (1973)

RFD used to stand for Rural Free Delivery, the early US postal system that got mail to previously unserved rural residents. Now it stands for Russ, Fred, and Dan.

The RFD is one of those names like ESG (which stands for Emerald, Sapphire, and Gold) that just sort of confuses you right off the bat and makes curious minds want to know more. Well here's the deal.

These guys (and girl) put out a record in 1971 that went on to become known by the thousand or so people in the world with an opinion on the matter as one of the five or ten greatest Christian records ever. Now if you're like me, the initial thought of good Christian music seems like a joke. But then you hear The Search Party or Marj Snyder or The RFD and you realize the deal. Good Jesus music doesn't preach or even really announce itself as Christian music at all. Good Christian, or Xian, as we call it in the record biz, is good music whether you get it or not, no matter what you believe. It has a beauty you can hear in secular records like Linda Perhacs or Wendy and Bonnie. But usually, as with those albums, there's a darkness too, and complexity and gravity.

notes from Fred

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